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First Time Eating and Meeting @drmusubi @tastetable! (@harrycovair @parkrat @melissa808)

Left to right: @drmusubi @harrycovair @parkrat (Photo by @melissa808)

2012 Mo’ili’ili Festival Group Shot! (@lkrand @deniset73 @wedgelee @melissa808 @p_dub @photolulutv @harrycovair @mochajunior)

Front row: @lkrand @deniset73
Second row: @wedgelee @melissa808
Back row: @p_dub @photolulutv @harrycovair @mochajunior

First time IRL! @kaimiorange @HarryCovair @konaish at the Palolo Bon Dance! (Photo by @melissa808)

Left to right: @kaimiorange @harrycovair @konaish

Hawaii: IRL Visits with Gene from Ailana Shave Ice (@melissa808 @harrycovair @palladiomw)

@melissa808 visits with Gene the owner of Ailana Shave Ice.

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First time IRL, at Jams World! @lenahanson finds that @HarryCovair isn’t who she thought he was! (Photo by @melissa808)

Left to right: @lenahanson @HarryCovair

What’s your passion? The Answers Part 2 (@harrycovair @onotogo @streetgrindz @ricknakama @hkmarina @melissa808)

In this segment @harrycovair @onotogo @streetgrindz @ricknakama @hkmarina

@melissa808’s Urban Mix Plate blog entry “What’s your passion?” can be found on Nonstop Honolulu.

First Time IRL Meeting of @melissa808 and @harrycovair (Photo by @melissa808)

Left to right: @melissa808 @harrycovair